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Situated at 213 metres above sea level, Bhalukpong is the entry point to Arunachal and is 56 kms from Tezpur. The place is famous for archaeological ruins of King Bhaluka who was the grandfather of King Bana of Mahabharata fame and an ancient ruler of the region. A historical fort of 10th-12th Century AD is situated in the foothills of the region and one can see the stone remains of the fort. Some important remains of King Bhaluka’s capital and his grandson Bana are preserved here.                                                                              ...more

Nameri is the third National Park of Assam. The Pakhui (Pakke) Sanctuary of Arunachal Pradesh adjoins the Park on its North-Eastern point. The area is criss-crossed by the river Jia- Bhoroli and its tributaries namely the Diji, Dinai, Doigurung, Nameri, Dikorai, Kharietc. A few jheels (during the rainy seasons) also dot the area. The Jia Bhoroli River and the tributaries display devilish look when the incessant downpour in the upper reaches during the rainy season make it swell. The in-accessibility and continuity with neighbouring forest areas has helped the wildlife of Nameri to flourish. There is a good prey-base in the form of Sambar Deer, Barking Deer, Hog Deer, Wild Boar and Gaur (Indian Bison ). About 3000 domestic cattle also form part of this prey base for Tiger and Leopards.

Nameri National Park covering an area of about 200 sq. kms is located at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas and consists of deciduous forest & hills abundant in rich flora & fauna.
It is a birder’s paradise and more than 300 species of birds have been identified here.

By Road
It is 32 km from Tezpur , 230 km from Guwahati and can be reached by road transport
By Train
By Air
It is 250 km from Guwahati air port and 210 km from Jorhat airport
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